What distinguishes Flexor’s methodology from other training regimens is that it is sport-specific training, “in-position”; that builds a balanced base and creates new motor learning patterns. Flexor’s benefits include improving the brain/body connection, while building a more stable foundation, improving posture, increasing flexibility and strength in all of the shot process.
Flexor bridges the gap between instruction and the ability to perform at optimum efficiency. Flexor offers a baseline physical evaluation and testing program as well as online instruction and multimedia lesson plans.
Train 3 times a week for 15 minutes a session and see immediate improvements in your anchor point, draw length, follow through and overall performance.


Flexor represents a synthesis of sports science, research, and information that distinguishes us from other organizations. In our sports movement and research programs, we work in close cooperation with other researchers, research institutions, local and national federations based both in the United States and abroad. The research is aimed at developing effective strategies and measure to improve the performance of athletes in their respective levels of competition.

The program focuses on three main areas in which specific, scientific understanding is essential. Along with the “human” element of athletic performance, Flexor is poised to create a model of training unique to individual sports. 

Evaluation Methodology Research

When training to improve the archer’s competitive performance, it is critical that the trainers assess the individual’s current fitness and skill levels, while ensuring that the archer recognizes the results of his or her training. Conditioning work matched to the individual’s needs is also essential to maintain a high level of performance over time. The aim of this research is to develop objective, accurate ways of assessing strength, balance, flexibility, movement, and conditioning level; the developmental methodology to provide immediate feedback; and the development of necessary measuring/diagnostic tools.

Training and Coaching Research 

To improve performance, it is critical to develop training programs using methods matched to the individual and the archer specific needs. It is also important that the athlete train systematically and have proper coaching to provide reinforcement and teaching. The objective of the Flexor program is to offer more effective methods for training athletes of all ages, gender, ability levels, to develop specialized training tailored to the sport specific requirements of archery, and to apply these methods in actual training curriculum.

Strategy and Tactic Research

In any effort to improve competitive performance, the right strategy and tactics, (course management included), backed up by extensive data are essential. Critical are evaluation methods to identify and select promising archers and a method to make utilization of information gathered. Professionals have developed innovative data collection and utilization methods based on state-of-the-art video analysis, comprehensive assessment of physical fitness levels, nutrition and mental skills. This information will be shared with the respective staffs at their training facilities and clubs, Teaching Professional, organizations, parents, and any other informed individual with input as to the ability of the prospective athlete.

Flexor Sport Training Program Objectives 

To contribute to training programs conducted by respective Coaching Professionals, Organizations, Junior Development Programs, University programs, College and University teams, the Professional Tours and any Sports Federation affiliated with the educational, growth and development of sport.

Flexor will provide Certification programs for instructors, training facilities, organizations and information on the science of the Flexor in-position motor learning program, for various training courses run for any level athletes and professionals by any of the forementioned organizations, with the aim of enhancing local and international athletic performance.